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Why “Nightspore”?

In “A Voyage to Arcturus” by David Lindsay, the character Nightspore represents transformation and the sharing of knowledge. The book itself is an almost-forgotten fantasy classic. See: A Voyage to Arcturus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For more on David Lindsay and his work, see Violet Apple – a site dedicated to his life and works.

This site is primarily focused on writing speculative fiction, particularly information on “indie” publishing and the impact of technology.

Who am I?

Phillip Spencer, a long-time SF fan, who reads and writes science fiction, fantasy, speculative and other genre fiction. I attend the occasional genre meeting and convention in the UK. I am one of the four founder members of the The British Fantasy Society.

I run a freelance consulting business in the UK but live with my family in a converted farm-house in rural South West France (with a loopy dog and six dysfunctional cats).

From a professional stand-point, I am interested in culture, how we cope with change and how technology is an enabler of change that also changes the way we behave (and what we believe?).

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