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Do people really still believe in vampires?

Recently I was introduced to a new web site of odd stories and off-beat information, Atlas Obscura. As an example of the sort of tall story you can find here is a tale of a Serbian village of Zarozje where the locals were encouraged by their municipal council to put garlic by doors and windows to scare off the local vampire.

Read A Serbian Village’s 21st century vampire problem and decide for yourself if they were serious or if it was a grab for a larger slice of the tourist trade.

Hat-tip to Bone on OWW SFF Writing Forum for drawing my attention to the web site.

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‘Carrie’ promo prank gives a shock with the morning coffee

Movies again. I could not pass up this promotional video for the remake of ‘Carrie’. the reactions of the genuine customers at this New York coffee shop are priceless. Not sure how I would have reacted in the same situation though.

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On a writing career in 2013

It is hard being a full-time writer, trying to make a living at it. Brian Keene, the horror writer, gave a talk to a writers bootcamp and subsequently published a dark and quite bleak view of what is involved. It includes tips on what to do, how to protect yourself and also a good perspective on the income and costs (not just financial).
On Writing Full-Time (circa 2013)

Nate Southard came back with some counter-arguments which make a lot of sense to me, particularly his focus on writing the story rather than thinking about the career. It is good to see this other side also published on Brian’s blog.
FORGET THE CAREER, SERVE THE STORY (A Rebuttal to Brian Keene’s On Writing Full-Time circa 2013)

If you are serious about being a full-time writer, I strongly recommend reading both to get a balanced idea of what this means. These are the charts showing the reefs and shoals that await the unwary as well as the pleasures of writing full-time.

Acknowledgement: these articles came to my attention through Lois Gresh’s article on the Book View Café blog: Full-Time Writing: Oh, the Horrors!

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