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So now we have ‘book trailers’

I never thought I would see a book trailer but this one – brought to my attention courtesy of the OWW Forum – is a hoot. It publicises a collection of short stories by B J Novak, the American actor and comedian who co-produced and acted in the US version of “The Office”.

I love the way this short video pokes fun at the French literary scene. Living in France a lot of the time I have felt embarrassed by the looks I have have received when I have been asked what I do and have responded “I write science fiction”. (Imagine a somewhat similar stare to the look one might receive in the UK to saying “I write hardcore pornography”.)

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Sherlock meets Doctor Who

Having thoroughly enjoyed the start of the new Sherlock series on New year’s Day, I was intrigued by the article in the Guardian about how Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, writers for both Sherlock and Doctor Who, need to beware of catering too much for the obsessive fan base and not for the broader audience.

I certainly enjoyed the in-jokes about the fans of Sherlock, although for me it did border on going just a bit too far.

The delight of the article though was the link to the fan mash-up video of Sherlock meeting the Doctor. Very neatly done and worth watching if you like these series.

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How to Write a Novel (not)

This gem of a YouTube video has apparently been doing the rounds of New York literary agents. If you are a serious writer it will make your toes curl.

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JJ Abrams and lens flare

Apparently, JJ Abrams is swearing off lens-flare when working on the re-boot of the Star Wars flim series. Believe that if you wish, below is a YouTube video of its use by him on Star Trek (721, count ’em with the movie…)

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Somersby Cider ad mocks the Apple store

Anyone who finds the Apple Store environment (and techno-evangelism) creepy should enjoy this advert for Somersby Cider, which gently mocks the whole business (and language).

I love a good, refreshing cider and I have been drooling since I saw this!

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What an iPad can’t do…

For those of us obsessed with new technology, such as tablets and e-readers, this 40 second French TV advert is a useful reminder that there is still a place for paper in our lives. (BTW, you don’t need to understand French to enjoy this!)

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