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Do Barnes & Noble want to sell e-books on the Nook?

If you publish e-books through Barnes & Noble, you should check out this post from author Holly Lisle: #WRITERS, Barnes & Noble Nook Press Contract Terms are INSANELY Bad!
This does not look like a good change to the terms and conditions.

Holly is an established genre writer (who not only writes fantasy and science fiction but also runs writing courses and publishes writing “How-To” books). I have been following her advice and information blog and email articles for a while. She is taking down her work from B&N.

Reading her post and some of the comments after, there are serious questions about B&N’s e-book business model – are they trying to suppress the e-book market because it eats into their “bricks & mortar” business model? Not the best way to compete in a changing environment!

Updated: 12 April:
Holly Lisle posted an update, detailing corrections relating to the B&N contract, which was not putting the full contract in the printable version: #WRITERS, Barnes & Noble CORRECTED Its Contract

For a different perspective, including references to Holly’s and other comments on the B&N collaboration tool contract see a post on Book View Café: Writing in the Digital Age: Nook Press – A Boon, or Boondoggle?

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