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October the First is Too Late

Today I find myself recalling that I enjoyed Sir Fred Hoyle’s novel, “October the First Is Too Late” – a classic, if flawed, story about time and the nature of reality. I had the hardback SF Book Club edition, obtained after I had read and enjoyed his novels “The Black Cloud”, “A for Andromeda” and “Andromeda Breakthrough”.

Nowhere near his best novel, the story is more a vehicle for some of his more controversial scientific views. In the preface, Hoyle says,

To the Reader:
The ‘science’ in this book is mostly scaffolding for the story, story-telling in the traditional sense. However, the discussions of the significance of time and of the meaning of consciousness are intended to be quite serious…
Fred Hoyle, 14 July 1965

Seems like an appropriate day to acknowledge a scientist and SF writer who had a significant influence on me as a teenager.

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