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Oppressed Majority

This post moves outside my usual focus on writing, particularly SF and fantasy. However, there is a linkage I want to make in the imagining of a matriarchal society the video below does what SF does best. It turns the tables on conventional thinking by making modern-day France a matriarchal society and looking at a man in that society experiencing the sort of harrassment that happens daily to women in Western countries.

I first came across it in this Guardian article, Oppressed Majority: the film about a world run by women that went viral, which is worth reading in itself.

This short film (around 11 minutes) is worth watching both from the perspective of challenging thinking in our present-day society and also, for writers, to provoke thought about the types of gender stereotypes we introduce around our characters.

Updated 15 Feb:
A Guardian “Comment is Free” article responded to the film with the opinion Feminism can save France from Islam: that’s the real message of Majorité Opprimée. I disagree that its focus is on Islam, that is just one aspect. Much more it is about reversing male and female roles to point out how we make assumptions and stereotype.

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