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Remembering Syd Barrett

I have long been a fan of Pink Floyd and like their early work when Syd Barrett was a member of the band. “See Emily Play” has been a particular favourite of mine… a sad, fantasy dreamscape of a song that still triggers a response in me after all this time.

It is astounding to think that it is almost ten years since Barrett died and this week would have been his 70th birthday. To commemorate this, the Guardian reprinted a classic article from Creem magazine from 1973 about this lost genius and which includes a link to a bizarre black and white video of Floyd ‘performing to’ “Emily”…

Syd Barrett: the genius who almost was – a classic profile by Nick Kent

For another side of Barrett, see this article about the photographer Mick Rock who took the pictures used on Barrett’s first solo album, “The Madcap Laughs”:

Mick Rock’s best photograph: Syd Barrett on a Pontiac Parisienne

This also reveals that the girl in the picture is a groupie called Iggy The Eskimo. For more about her, see: The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo.

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