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Review: “Darkspire Reaches” by C N Lesley

This novel is a delightful read – the sort one has to sneak back to read another chapter while knowing there are other things that one really should be doing!

I had the same feeling when I read this novel as I did when I first read “Dragonflight” by Anne McCaffrey many years ago. (A word of explanation: I see there are some parallels – the wyvern for the dragon; the fire-drake for the fire-lizard ; the strong, young, female protagonist is a girl treated initially as a drudge {Raven, Lessa} – BUT they are very different stories in very different milieu. Darkspire Reaches is a fantasy through and through, with magic and transformations, whereas Pern is an SF world.)

My point is that both are well-written and have excellent world-building and that is why I draw the link: within “Darkspire Reaches” I encountered a world I want to go back to, so I can find out more about the Angressi, their conflict with the First Born and the strange world of the Drakken. There is much hinted at, such as the rise of the Emperor Chactar or the Shangrove and Samara Maidens, that could be a story in itself and this adds to the richness of the story since one experiences this as part of a much larger environment not a flimsy theatre set constructed solely to carry this novel.

The story in Darkspire Reaches has a good plot and structure, starting out quiet and focused, in a country cottage with Margie, the local “witch”, and her fosterling, Raven. As Raven’s (and the reader’s) view of the world expands, we become aware of how different she is. The story moves swiftly from the local village and torments of its youngsters, on to the Emperor’s city and then for Raven to make contact with her own people. We see Raven propelled by fear, prejudice, manipulation and politics from a sheltered environment into what is a conflict between races where suspicion rules but help is found in unexpected places.

Raven learns to question friendship and the motivation of others as she starts to experience her world as it really is. This is an adult fantasy, which does not pull its punches.

Add to a strong plot and milieu a couple of very well-drawn ‘point of view’ characters whose misunderstandings of each other, and the mistrust this creates, lead to further confusion and conflict. With a number of other key characters – helping or hindering – met along the way we see good characterisation is another of the author’s strengths.

My one complaint with “Darkspire Reaches” is that I finished it too quickly and there is so much more I want to know about the world, the wyvern and the characters. This story is complete and stand-alone but I can see the potential for further stories filling in background, plus a sequel to Raven and Connor’s story. (After all, there is a good precedent: just look at how many Pern stories we ended up with!)

Highly recommended.

Note: “C N Lesley” is the pen name of Elizabeth Hull.
The book is published by Kristell Ink and is also available from Amazon for the Kindle.

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  1. Sammy Smith August 4th, 2013 1:07 pm

    Wonderful Review!

    Thank you so much. We’re over the moon that you enjoyed it so much.

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