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Solitude, coffee, music: Ian Rankin on how he writes

As mentioned before a while ago, I am a big fan of Ian Rankin, the Scottish crime fiction writer. Therefore I was fascinated to read this article by him in The Guardian about how he writes:
Ian Rankin: ‘Solitude, coffee, music: 27 days later I have a first draft’

I found particularly interesting his different approaches to the first, second and third drafts of his novels and that he does not research too much early on.

Incidentally, his taste in writing music matches mine pretty well, as does his need for solitude and coffee… I live in hope of emulating some of his success!

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  1. Mike Keyton May 17th, 2016 5:47 pm

    Hi Phillip, long time no see, and I hope things have settled for the better. I rediscovered your blog site by accident having just found some old book marks transferred to the new iMac. I particularly enjoyed this article. Felt quite envious of the life style, too 🙂

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