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WordPress versus Joomla!

This blog is based upon a WordPress template. Overall, I would say I have been very happy with it. However, the time came to rewrite my wife’s art website (which had been somewhat cumbersome to update in an HTML editor). A website designer friend suggested that rather than rewrite it in WordPress I try out Joomla!

We tried it for a while but the experience was never satisfying and Joomla, to me, seemed to lack some of the flexibility and ease of use that WordPress has. So, having abandoned HTML editing for Joomla!, we have since been through another complete restyle and rewrite of her site using a commercial WordPress template from Themezilla.

Despite the odd hiccup from time to time, even Karina – who is definitely not a techie! – has been able to edit and update her site using a set of notes I prepared. All in all, it is a relief to have both her site and this one both on WordPress.

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